Quite a common question for any traveller to ask is when the best time of year is to visit their chosen destination. The last thing anyone wants after spending time and money planning a special trip is to find you’ve arrived during a season that does not match your planned activities. Ski trip when the snow is melting, beach getaway during monsoon season, wedding hair disaster due to humidity, food and shopping tour when everything’s shut – an expensive mistake!

If you’re planning a trip to ‘Durbs, good choice! Durban is known for its tropical climate and to be pretty hot and humid in the summer, with a very mild and pleasant winter.

The best time to visit Durban is definitely in winter (April – August / September). Temperatures range from 14 – 24 degrees, rainfall eases off, and skies are mostly blue and sunny. With these months being traditionally ‘out of holiday season’, you’ll also be treated to less crowded beaches and attractions, leaving you space to enjoy at leisure.

To keep an eye on the weather, we find this website to be the most accurate.

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