If Durban is not yet on your travel list, it really should be, and here’s some reasons why:

Warm weather all year round

Durban experiences a humid sub-tropical climate which is responsible for an almost endless summer. Temperates vary so little all year round, with only the humidity levels marking a difference between the summer and winter months (May to September are the cooler, drier months). If you want to escape a cold and wet Cape Winter, or an icy Gauteng Winter, then Durban is the place to come.

Beautiful beaches

Durban has some of the best beaches in South Africa with ample space for sunbathing, and is well-known as a surfer’s paradise. The unspoilt scenery along the beautiful coastline is also easily accessible by foot along lengths of beautiful promenade and pathways where you can take in the views.

Warm Ocean

Blessed with the warm current of the Indian Ocean, the sea is a comfortable temperature for swimming all year-round. Goodbye goosebumps, shivering kids or wetsuits!

Relaxed atmosphere

Durban is know for its ‘chilled’ laid-back culture. Unlike the frantic pace of Johannesburg or the cliques of Cape Town, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere with friendly, welcoming locals. Nothing says ‘chilled holiday vibes’ more…

Value for money

Being quieter than the other major South African cities, you will find food, accommodation and entertainment costs to be somewhat lower in ‘Durbs. It’s a great choice if you’re travelling on a budget.

A bit of everything

‘Beach’ and ‘sea’ are probably the first things that come to mind for most people when Durban is mentioned, but there is so much more to this beautiful city (and the Kwazulu-Natal province)… It’s a delight for foodies with local curries and Indian cuisine being a must. Micro-breweries are plentiful for the craft-beer connoisseur, and the climate means the fruit is legendary here! Use Durban as a base for exploring the beauty of the Midlands and all the artisanal workshops along the well-know Meander, and of course the Drakensberg for some hiking. Closer to home, the Botanical Gardens and Aquarium are quite possibly the best in the country, so the only thing you’d need to ensure is that you’ve booked a long enough stay…

In terms of location, our Boutique Hotel is almost smack-bang between the airport and the city, with both being a short 20 minute drive (out of peak traffic), so it’s a good spot to base yourself. Sit at our pool, enjoy a cocktail, look out over the ocean and plan your next day’s activities. What could be better?


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