You will have probably already done some extensive research and found out about the most popular attractions to explore while you’re in Durban. There are, however, a few ‘hidden gems’ that are just so quintessentially ‘Durban’ while still being authentic, fun and slightly different.

Here is our list of some ‘must experience’ hidden gems:-

  • Rotis and bunny chow

A visit to Durban is not complete without indulging in a traditional curry, which is characteristically cooked with chilli, cumin, coriander and lots of tomato. The best way to enjoy this dripping, oily, fragrant dish is either wrapped in a roti (soft, light, buttery flatbread), or served as a bunny-chow (inside a hollowed out quarter or half loaf of bread). Part of the fun is getting messy!

  • Spicy Pineapple

Street-food fans, a trip to the Durban beachfront is not complete until you have tried another culinary delight – spicy pineapple from one of the friendly vendors. The pineapple, coated with chilli and salt, served on a skewer is just the perfect combination of sweet and spice.

  • Skywalk at Moses Mabhida Stadium

Venture to the 106m high arch at the Moses Mabida Stadium, either by foot (takes around 20 minutes up 500 steps), or catch the SkyCar ride to the top. Here you will be able to enjoy 360 degree views of Durban – a definite must! Find out more here.

  • Mini Town

Be a giant and tower over this replica of Durban, created on a 1:24 scale. It’s great fun for adults and children!

  • Hit the surf

With the warm Indian Ocean and perfect waves, it’s no surprise that surfing is synonymous with a trip to Durban. There are numerous recommended spots all along the coast, along with many board-hire and surf-lesson businesses to help you out. Pick a spot nearest to where you’re staying and enjoy some time in the waves. If you’ve never tried surfing before, then definitely book for a class with qualified instructors for your own safety. The warm ocean means you won’t need to pack a wetsuit, but be sure to take care out there!

  • Street Art

There are a many very talented emerging, and established street artists in Durban. You’ll be bound to pass the odd mural as you travel around. If Street Art fascinates you, then we highly recommend you search around for a Street Art or Graffiti tour. There are a number of locals who offer this and it’s fascinating.

  • Kwazulu Natal Society of Arts

If you prefer a visit to a gallery to soak up some Art, then the KZNSA in artsy Glenwood is a must-visit. Exhibits change regularly, with a selection of contemporary art from local established and up and coming artists to showcase the unique creative signature of KwaZulu Natal.

  • Wilsons Wharf

Wilson’s Wharf, a small indoor waterfront complex with seafood eateries, souvenir shops & stalls offering boat rides is definitely worth a visit. The views are incredible, and what could be better than tucking into a rustic harbour meal of fish and chips while watching the boats. Try the 30 minute harbour cruise while you’re there.

  • Warwick Junction

“Warwick Junction lies at the heart of Durban and is the primary public transport interchange in the city. Given the confluence of rail, taxi and bus transport, this area has always been a natural market for informal traders.

Currently Warwick is the only informally structured market in a public space of this magnitude, and thus establishes itself as the single most authentic African market that South Africa has to offer. Meet and greet local traders of the 9 distinct Markets of Warwick. The products available vary from beadwork, traditional arts and crafts, traditional cuisine, fresh produce, music and entertainment merchandise, clothing, accessories and traditional medicine.”  – Source,
  • Rickshaws

Head down to the Golden Mile to enjoy a ride in a human-powered rickshaw carriage. There are only around 20 registered rickshaw operators left, and this is really an art to be appreciated. The rickshaw operators are probably the strongest people you will ever meet, and their brightly coloured costumes, horned headgear and their decorated carriages are truly unique.

  • Golden Mile

Durban’s Golden Mile is the name given to the popular stretch of beachfront lined with a boardwalk that stretches roughly 7km and is dotted with crafters, cafes and interesting views. A morning or early evening walk along here is recommended.

  • Virginia Bush Nature Reserve

Last, but definitely not least is a beautiful nature reserve right on our doorstep! Just 15 minutes’ walk from our hotel you will find a beautiful green oasis of coastal bush with walking trails and interesting bird-life. It’s worth a visit, but with the dense vegetation and concealed paths, best unfortunately to do in a group, and not alone.

Feel free to chat to your friendly reception staff for up to date advice on any of these attractions, assistance with bookings, and any other tips or recommendations they may have for you during your stay with us.



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