We recently chatted to two Kwazulu-Natal locals to find out where they think the hidden gems are for a truly authentic curry experience in Durban (particularly those famous Bunny Chows).

Here is their list – but please note, that many of these may not be fancy high-end places (and best to grab a take-away) but have been recommended as the best spots for the most authentic flavours.

  • Orientals at the Workshop Mall – While there is not much info online (maybe a secret gem?), both our contacts rated this for a good Bunny Chow. It is important to mention that the location is in a part of Town that is not the greatest, so best to go in a group, especially at night. For more info on the location, please visit: https://theworkshopcentre.co.za/
  • Capsicum Restaurant at Brittania Hotel – This one is a firm favourite with many Comrades Marathon visitors making this an essential stop during their trip. You will find authentic dishes here, and a nice setting too.  More info
  • TSD Ultra Lounge – They certainly have a good following on social media, and some delicious food pics. Reviews are mixed, but worth giving them a chance if you’re in the area. For more info, visit their Facebook page.
  • Kara Nichas – If you’re heading out to Pietermartizburg, and are looking for a good vegetarian takeaway, then Kara Nichas is apparently the place to visit. Good variety and bags of flavour.

If you don’t have time to explore, or would prefer a quiet dining experience, then we can certainly recommend our fragrant curry with all the trimmings, true to the flavours of Durban.

Street food style vs refined dining, it’s up to you – but either way, don’t leave Durban without having at least one curry!

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